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Urban Plus Size Clothing

The trend for the latest urban designer clothing is very popular. Urban plus size clothing has jumped upon that trend and set about adapting itself for the plus size clothes market. Trendy plus size clothing as well as junior plus size clothing, all in the urban theme is now available easily in the shops and online. But what is it that makes the urban plus size clothing lines so great for the fuller figure women?

The urban culture originally came along with the Hip Hop musical front. The clothing that represented and epitomized that sound was a signature and statement of a whole generation and a cultural family. It has spread globally today and in fact has moved away from its roots into mainstream fashion.

Typically the urban movement was represented by bright vivid colors, tracksuits, hats and loads of gold jewelry. Those principles have not faded, especially the color materials and golden bling. In fact many top designers such as Baby Phat and Urban Outfitters have really targeted the plus size hip hop clothing marketing with enthusiasm and vigor. It helps that plus size divas like Queen Latifa are there to be icons of a new style movement for large ladies. The huge advantage for urban plus size clothing wearers is the fact that this style didn’t really need much tweaking any way. The clothes themselves are oversize as part of the design, so are almost plus size themselves already.

The beauty of plus size urban clothing lies in the shape and also the daring use of color and designer logos and cultural badges. These insignia have graduated from being the symbol of rebellion and attitude to must have fashion accessories. But now that the fashion world has grabbed hold of it by the scruff of its neck, the whole genre has begum to evolve beyond its original remit. Although in its early stages, plus size dresses and more professional looks are beginning to emerge, first for men with the likes of the Steve Harley Collection of suits showcased this year, 2011, at the B.E.T. Rip the Runway show and slowly for women. This change, brought about by consumer demand can only be for the good of urban plus size clothing. It will broaden its base and ensure that this designer plus size clothing remains around for some time

So what are the big selling points of urban plus size clothing for women then? Well for a start it appeals to the fun side of life. As most customers generally are in the age range of 10-35 they appreciate and revel in the messages, the statements and the range. This is even more so when you can personalize it so easily, Skirts, mini skirts, tee shirts and many more, make for a great ever changing plus size wardrobe of fun.

As a party look it is hard to beat, being chic and yet raunchy and in your face. Combine this with the bold colors of urban plus size clothing like primary reds, yellows and blues, as well as black and browns and this means a great choice to get the color that suits you perfectly and brings out all your best points, and curves.

The clothes themselves are easy available. This is firstly because of the already plus size clothing design. Secondly, they are easy to translate from costly designer styles to affordable plus size designs when they hit the street stores, malls and internet. Of course buying on the internet should always give you an advantage in price anyway. There are loads of companies selling urban plus size clothing. Some such as the wholesale Derron plus size clothing range can be bought cheaply in bulk. So put your cash together with your friends and get the best deals on line. If that fails, hit your local markets and you might be surprised at what you can find for a great price. If you are looking for those designer labels for your urban plus size clothing though, beware of cheap fakes as well.

So what is the future for urban plus size clothing? Well I can only see it getting bigger, as it were. The market will expand even further. We are already starting to see this happen. It might even become respectable eventually, which might ruin it, but we shall see. One thing we can say is that urban plus size clothing is here to stay. It has stamped its mark all over the place and has taken over in some. Its unique look and broad appeal ensures that it image will be enduring, both as a cultural and fashion statement.

Urban plus size clothing is an easy choice and a highly affordable one for millions of plus size women and children. Once it gets a grip on the more formal end of the market, you had better beware. It is likely to want to take over!


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